Flatiron School Week 9 – Week in Review

Mistakes and Lessons

Symptom: With custom UITableViewCell xibs, I was getting key value coding-compliant errors.

Mistake: When I was dragging over the views from my xib to my custom UITableViewCell class, the object chosen was “File Owner” and not the cell.

Lesson: Make sure there are no connections in the xib’s File Owner connection manager.

Symptom: Multipeer connections were not being made.

Mistake: The MCServiceType was too long.

Lesson: The MCServiceType has to be 15 characters or less.

Symptom: [self.tableView reloadData] was not reloading cells.

Mistake: I was calling the reloadData method inside a notification.

Lesson: NSNotifications are run on the background queue by default.

Notes to Self

Message syncing between servers and devices is a pain.

Reading code is a whole other skill.

I need to use CocoaPods more.