A Trip to the Met

Surrounded in a sea of options, I felt an urge to head to the Met.

Software development is art

On the way there, I tried to explain this urge. It became readily apparent as I walked through the halls of Egyptian wing that software development is as much an art as these. One can only hope to be in a museum some day. Though, any dreams that my software creations will outlast me may be overly optimistic.

Art requires repetition and experimentation

Looking at the Madame Cezanne exhibit, with it’s many renditions of the same lady, I am reminded that many versions were made before the final product was complete. This is an inherent part of the process of experimentation and exploration. Bad art has to be made before they can be judged bad and discarded to made room for good. This exhibit was only just a peek. Many shitty drafts were made that will never be on seen except by the artist.

Artists are judged on the height of their greatest accomplishment, not the first thing they make

Another thought that occurred to me was that people are judged on their greatest contributions or indiscretions. People only care at all about the early work when your best work has already been accepted as great. In the hindsight of a career, only highlights make it and most first moves are necessary to build the foundations of a great career. It’s really only by building a lot that one builds great things.

Let’s delay no further. Let’s get started.

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